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After all my hiking at the Annapurna I have had just 1,5 days left to see another city. Ok I must say I just don’t want to spend another few days in Kathmandu and just wait around to fly to the next destination. A lot of hikers have sad that I would love Pokhara. A city full of art, self-made stuff and a beautiful lake. It sounds awesome and believe me the first arrival was again not that nice. Our bus has had a lot of delay (It was dark and we have had no clue where we are) we don’t have had any hostel booked and a group of 3 just running around and searching something. Yes we have got a bed. But I would never recommend this hostel. On the internet it says with breakfast and Wi-Fi. Yeah, we just let it stay like that.

The next day was awesome!

I was meeting the guy from yesterday’s bus drive and we are starting to explore the city. More like the street around the lake. Every shop has something new. A bookstore, self-made paper books, soaps, scarf…. And I loooove self-made stuff. Around an hour later we first have made it to an amazing restaurant complete out of wood with a few over the street. A Mediterranean omelette, toast and an awesome Masala tee later we are walking to the lake. The lake is sourrounded with trees full of birds in amazing colours. One ticket and a fun boat ride later we have crossed the Phewa Lake to start our small hike. We have shared the boat with a fun Canadian couple who just have arrived in Nepal. So a lot to talk. A lot of tips and some nice stories later we arrive at the other side.

Here we start with hiking a small dirt path around the hill to the top to see the world peace pagoda. And yeeeeeeessss the best is coming now a stray dog has found us and was walking with us from the bottom till the top with us. Such a sweetheart. A golden angel who has let us pet him and was all the time waiting of us. All the people sad “You have found a new friend!” because he was not leaving me. OMG I really should take some small dog food with me wherever I go. The hike is beautiful and you have an amazing few over the whole area. The mountains in the back the lake in the front and the city on the other side. On the top we have met some locals who were singing and in the back you see a white in the sunlight shining building. Surrounded from golden Buddhas on the top. (Every side has his own Buddha.)

The world peace pagoda –a building for awaken awareness of peace in the world.

After a stroll around and enjoying the few we start with walking down. There should be a hiking way but sorry we never have found it. We tried some sideways but I can’t image that they are the original path. It is still a nice walk and we are arriving at the main street who is going right to the hostel. Perfect!

On the way we see a lot of massive water buffaloes strolling free around, some dogs and some nice children who are playing in the streets. We also need to cross a scary bridge and crossing a park with a lot of garbage.

Here we split up again to meet in the evening again. Yesterday our hostel doesn’t have had any water, so I want to get finally a shower done. On the way I get some amazing mangos and papayas and later I watch fresh and full of energy the sunset with some people from the hostel. All together we are celebrating in a really nice and fancy restaurant with life music our hike and friendship. It is also the end of Nepal for a few of us.

What an amazing end!

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