That’s me

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“I want to experience everything without regrets. I want to live life with the knowing to have experienced and lived all of my dreams to the fullest. I make my decisions with the question like “when your 80 would you regret it to have done /not done it?”
I want to life live after my conditions.

Stephanie Weiss (27) is a Germany Travel Blogger, Architect, Photographer, Explorer and free spirit. She is a person who wants to learn and see as much as she can.
In her early teenager years she has done her first solo travel to Sicily, what has infected her with the travel bug.
In her study time she was traveling around Europe and enjoyed life as much as she could. In that time she has found the spirit of traveling and working to find new inspirations and ideas.
In 2003 Stephanie was traveling 7 months through Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. She was walking over volcanoes and diving with sharks. She is all the time on the go and searching new adventures.
Since 2016 she starts with teaching herself mindfulness and a spiritual growing path of freedom.

Because of working she has done the last few years smaller trips threw out Europe.
2018 the next long travel will start over 5 months, she will visit Nepal-Asia-Amerika and Iceland.