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Hiking Gear – Nepal

Because a few of my friends have asked me what kind of gear I have used on my hike I was making a small list what I have taken with me. Here are also some tips what I would change.

If you want to make a world trip and don’t need all your gear at the hike a lot of the hostels have a storage room and you can park your stuff there. That’s pretty handy because you don’t need your laptop while you’re hiking. 😉

  • Backpack ( ) i have had the older version with 55 liters
  • 2 Water bottles, I have had one from Germany 1Liter Bottle what i still use today, (  ) and one normal bottle I have bought in Kathmandu. You need 2 because in the first one you can get the fresh water with the tablets and the other one is your drinking water at this time.
  • Warm ski underwear ( , )
  • Pullover and jacket ( )
  • Jacket 2 layers, I just love 2 layer jackets they are sooo handy when you are traveling in different areas of the world.
  • 1 long hiking trouser, best with some pockets on the sides for snacks
  • 1 short hiking trouser
  • 2 T-Shirts, One was a merino t-shirt what doesn’t smell that fast and it drys freaking fast what is everywhere a plus ( )
  • 2 Sport BH
  • 4-5 pants
  • Warm merino socks, some colder merino socks (yes I love natural clothes) ( , )
  • Sunscreen 50+
  • Water disinfection pill
  • Medicine ( high sickness pill, coal tablets …….)
  • Walking sticks, believe me yes you need them! ( ) you will find for Leki enough reperation stuff on the way.
  • Hiking boots, hike in them before you start a big hike
  • Head, important because of the sun
  • Scarf,  for the sun and wind
  • Sunglasses
  • Tiger balm, you can buy that in Nepal it is quite cheap there
  • 2 soaps, (I used I shampoo bar and 1 normal bar and it is really handy and good for the environment-but let them try before you store them again otherwise it is a mass)
  • 1 thoasbrush + creme, hair brush, raiser,
  • Snacks, nuts, peanut creme,
  • Money for all your hike, better too much than not enough –there is no ATM
  • Sleeping bag -10degrees (  ) love this one. The first one who really has hold me warm.
  • Flip-flops
  • 1small towel
  • Zink paste
  • Power bank-the last few days we don’t have had any chance to charge our stuff.
  • I would buy now also a solar panel what I can take on my backpack to charge a power bank.
  • Foto and SD-cards
  • Charging material
  • Maps and Annapurna Pass for the stamps, We have used also at our phones. That has saved us a few times and really it’s just the best I know. It is working offline and you can download the maps you need.

I have had already way too much with me what I don’t need. For example you don’t need a mattress or something. In this list is really only what I have used.

I hope that helps some of you for your planning

In this Blog Post I use affiliate links, advertisement, that you can see what I have used.

If you have any recommendation what is still missing just write a command and I will include it in the list. Thank you for all your help!

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