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Security in Nepal

This post is a personal note to my travel in Nepal.

I was a long time searching around by myself to find information for the hiking and for my own safety in Nepal.

The first clear thing what I can say is –NO NEPAL IS NOT INDIA-

I was in the beginning scared of the influence from India. Yes I have heard a lot of horror stories of raping and death there.

But Nepal is in my opinion a really safe country. There are just some rules you should follow for the cultural aspect.

  • Wear long pants and t-shirts who are going over your shoulder
  • If you are staying longer than a few days in Kathmandu buy a mask for your face or a round scar because of the dust.

When we are already in the city’s of Nepal there are also some other safety aspects.

  • BECAREFUL of the monkeys. Sounds like a joke but you will see why! They are used to people and they can steal your stuff.
  • The dogs have been mostly friendly, but they are still street dogs and can have deceases.

Security at the Annapurna Trail

I was not prepared in this way for security as I should be. There are some stuff what I would recommend now after hiking it.

  • When you pick up your permit for your hike, there are always flyer and rescue numbers when something on the trail happen. Take it! These few grams of more weight can rescue your life. They are for free!
  • Have a check-up at your doctor before you go hiking in that high elevation. It can be dangerous for some people.
  • One of the most important things: TAKE HIGHSICKNESS TABLETS or INJECTIONS with you. I was getting high sick and needed one of these tablets. If I go again Iwill start earlier to take such tablets just for prevention of this. But again have a talk with your doctor because they can have some side-effects.
  • Take a lot of water disinfection tablets with you.
  • Take some electrolyte powder with you. You need to have enough energy to get to the next village. In the first few days the most people are not used of that much sport and it can help to “survive” it.
  • Off course don’t forget the first abc kit.
  • Every time know where you are. Take a map and a GPS system with you, otherwise no one can help you.
  • For prevention I would recommend to know the first abc course for your own safety but that’s what everyone must know by themselves.

I think that are the main safety instructions what I have learned and also some of the hard way.

If you have any recommendation what I have missed please write me or comment it,  I am always happy to learn more.

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