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Daily life!

What has changed after my travel?

Do I have changed?

After a long term travel I think there are more questions than before.
Yes I have solved some but not the most important ones. These have been since years for me: what do I want in my life, with what do I want to earn my money or what makes me happy. I have got some answers, that’s what I know but I also don’t search anymore after a fixed one. Life is a flow and this question can change every day or minute. A good friend of me has told me once, that she doesn’t make any plans anymore, she knows what she want but how it will come she doesn’t need to figure out, it just comes.

Yes normal life is different!
It has a lot to do with routine.

The normal day starts with jumping out of the bed (OK rolling out of this perfect cosy planked and still hold on to it), jumping into the bathroom to look sort of normal after a short night (these time really jumping because mostly I am too late, yes I am only when I am travelling a morning person). Then I make myself a tea or smoothy. My breakfast smoothy is a mix of tea, chia seeds, herbs and other stuff. Really healthy and has helped me a lot. This I can drink till 12, and I am normally not getting hungry, it is really filling.
At around 7.30 I am in the office till 5 and then off course it depends. Under the week I normally watch YouTube to get more information together over growing into a better version of myself, my new projects or just motivation videos. It is also perfect to listen to an audio book (also on YouTube) in the time you’re cooking or doing some other stuff. Because of my laziness the last few weeks I have tried to start with an evening routine making sport 5 days a week. (Mostly 30-60 min a day.) This can be swimming, jogging, yoga, kettle bell workout or just some fun cardio. When I am really, really lazy (I am just a human) I only stretch what is amazing if you like me and sitting all day long at work.
I also have started to work more on my pictures and my blog what I try to do as often as I can, but you can imagine how hard it is to have a 40-50 hour week, hold yourself fit, work on coming projects and a blog on the side. One day in the week I definitely need to see my friends otherwise I go crazy. It’s perfect because you can finally talk over something different then work or projects.

90% of my weekends are already complete full with my horse what is staying 2 hours away from me. If you maybe have seen on Instagram I start with training him. He is first 2,5 years and still growing. The only ranch I could find that has gotten threw my test, if it’s good enough, was this one. The good thing is they have an amazing training area like round pen, arena (in-outside), forest and grassland. He is staying at the moment with around 10 other horses together and can play the rest of the time.

The other days is just organizing something like food or go somehow outside. I love to go on markets or to go running when it is daylight.
So yes the biggest change is 80% of my time I don’t have control over my life anymore because I am working.
But I know why I am doing it. I want an independent life that’s my biggest dream but I also need food.

I have changed a lot. I don’t go for the small stuff anymore. Before I was happy to get a small pay rise once a year and a small vacation. Now I want the big stuff and that means control over the most important thing: time.
I have realized how important it is to life my own dreams and that everything is possible. I also disagree more with people but that’s OK. I don’t need to say yes all the time.
I was really surprised when I was thinking OK what if I get 1000 Euros more in a month but you’re working 60 hours and have more stress. My gut has sad t straight Noooooooo. Not more stress, not more work, not more lost time. I don’t want to make someone else richer or work for their dreams.
It is still hard for me to sit in an office but I am the only person who can change something, and I am on my way.

What is your experience after travelling? Have you made life changing decisions?

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