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I need to say that Bangkok is really not my city that’s why I have decided to make only a short post of what you can see and what you should avoid. These are all my own experience and off course over the years that can change.

Some short Tips what you should know and avoid in Bangkok:

Tourist Information:

I am sorry to tell you that you should make a big circle around the tourist information. It is a massive scam and more like a travel agency than tourist information. They just want to sell you tours.

People on the street:

If a stranger comes to you and say that it is a public holiday today and all the big Buddhas are free… scaaaaaammmm. I have meet so many people who were told the same and in the end it’s still costing something because — NO public holiday.

Tuck tucks:

I think the first few days after you have arrived you will learn the prizes. I think it’s just a reminder here that they are trying off course to get the most money out of you.

River cruises:

Often people (locals, sometimes tuck-tuck drivers) want to get you into a river cruise to get to the floating market or some museums. For me I love museums and when I can see everything in one go I am in. Here better inform yourself because some are costing a massive amount of money for literally nothing. They don’t stop at any museum just waiting for a few seconds on the water that you can make a photo and off we go. Also, the floating markets are not included in some.


A lot of Temples in Bangkok have an entry fee and I need to say if you are making a round-trip in Thailand only go into the temples you want to see because you will see 1000 of them. The best time to visit the temples are in the morning because I think it was 10 o’clock and the buses full of tourist have arrived. For me as an architect I was expecting more from the architecture but it is OK. You learn with it. The next thing you should know is that everyone can build a temple who has enough money.

Helpful information for temples visits:

The girls / women need to cover their shoulders and their legs. Have a long trouser or a dress with you. A scarf is always helpful in whole Thailand to cover the shoulders or as a skirt. Some temples are also providing skirts for free or a small prize. For man, I can’t say something but a lot of my friends have sad normal t-shirt and a normal trouser is OK.


I was lucky to find a few festivals with a lot of different food and it is really worth to check it out. On the streets you also have fantastic food markets and amazing fruits everywhere. I really can recommend the fresh young pineapples. They are just fantastic.


Off course there are tuck tucks who are still a hilarious way to cruise around Bangkok but when you want to have it cheaper and more exciting than, try the boats. For me they were a goal changer in Bangkok and all the locals are using them too, ps. they are soo cheap! You also can see a complete different Bangkok. Taxis are also available but for my taste quite expensive.

For the transport to different cities in Thailand I can recommend the night buses. They are not that much more expensive than a normal bus and you “safe” a night in a hostel.


If you need something there is a massive area of shopping centres in the middle of the city. I was also running in a kickboxing fight what was hold at a shopping centre. It was really cool to see that all the tuck-tuck drivers making a break there to see the fight and a lot of people staying around and screaming.

My favourite spot:

I really can recommend the Lumpini Park one of my favourite spots in Bangkok. It’s quit and you can see a lot of different animals running around. PS take Mosquito spray with you.

I hope these tips are helping you a bit and yes how you have seen is Bangkok not my City. But I must also say that I was coming from a 3 weeks hiking trip with only nature, no real internet and just a handful of people. That’s why it was for me too loud and too many people.

But I love to hear your opinion maybe I should give it another try than 😉

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