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The Women Part

The women has fought to vote,

The women has fought to work,

The women has fought to be independence.


And still we have these responsibilities.

I have realized it in my travel and as older I get more and more people are asking different questions. Questions who shouldn’t get asked when you could decide over your own life freely.

Some of these questions are:

  • When do you get your next boyfriend or better husband?
  • Do you want children / when are you getting children?
  • Do you not want to start a stable job and get a family and house?
  • Get serious!

But why is society expecting from us women in the age of 25-30 to get serous?

I know a lot of guys who are 30 and still playing their online shooting games, changing jobs every few months and just enjoying life. Why can’t we do this? Why should we get how you call it serious?

Society says we should have the same rights as man. Yes we are working like man but only getting 70-90 % of the income of it. We need to work harder than a man but you still will not earn the same. Why do we need to prove us more than them?

I am happy that we can work, that we can vote and so much more.

But when I should work like a man I want to get paid like a man. When I want to have children than I can have them, otherwise it is also ok. I want to have no pressure from others how i need to live my life. I want to create my own life.

For these people who are saying now yes she can talk she is traveling…..

Especially here you can see these topics popping up. Girls over 25 are sort of “old” because hey you should have a carrier in your bag and the children on your arm. You should be the perfect housewife and a business woman and especially you should also entertain your man and the child.
Really? What do you think we are?

We are not superman, we are not a person with 20 arms, we are humans like you and me.

We have feelings and we want to be ourselves.

I would love to see more and more women to do what they really want to do. If it is art stuff, traveling, a good job or just being at home. But I hate to see that a lot of people are starting with struggling with their lives because they feel like they need to life 2 lives in one.

Me too!

I love to travel and I want to start my own projects. On the other side I should start with a family and come along with a husband.

It makes me angry and sad that this is our reality. Women are soo strong, they can deal with soo much shit and we take more on their shoulders. Lift the weight from them and they can change the world.

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