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The End of the Worldtrip

What a weird feeling.

Just a few days left and my WorldTravel is finished. Then I will have a few days more and I will sit again on my desk, smelling the morning coffee and starring on my screen.

Today it was the first day that another traveler has sad “I am sorry” to me because my travel ends.

But why?

I must say yes it feels really weird to know that I will have a flat at home, a normal job and also some hobbys (my horse), but I am pleased to have had this amazing chance to see the world.

I am more than happy what I have experienced and I know by myself it will be not the last big travel I am doing. (I already plan the next big, a bit different trip)

On the other side I am glad not to plan day by day, not to search the next hostel, the next food store or the next washing saloon. Not to know if you can shower in the next hostel or how the bed will be (bedbugs) and the most important I don’t need to pack my bag all the time.

I already have gained so much new plans in my travel what I will start and what I want to fulfill that I think the first few months I will be definitely not getting bored at all. I have so many articles to write and yes I know that I was just writing over Nepal here but there will come soo much more.

No I am not sorry for myself that this trip finds an end. I am pleased of everyday I still have and enjoy it every minute.

I can choose every day a new life and that is it what I will do. I have soo many plans for my future. New travels who are waiting of me, new job chances or new products what I want to create.

I see my travel as a big inspiring story because that it is for me. It has given me ideas and now I need to realize them. That’s why I also need to go home. I am not too productive when I am traveling (how you have seen)

Wait a few months and more changes in my life will come. I will hold you definitely updated.

When one door is closing, another will open!

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