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Do i want a normal life?

Have you ever thought about what you really want ?

I want to travel, to see amazing places and have crazy stories to tell. But than an inner spine is coming who says no, society says you should be married, have children and a house.

How are you handling it ?

I was talking yesterday to a friend and he just was saying: you don’t want a so called normal life. You want to experience everything and you don’t let yourself stop from something.

I was really surprised because I was thinking I am way more quite in what I am doing. I don’t go bungee jumping or skydiving. OK I am afraid of heights, but still. I am traveling slow and also enjoy more time at one place. My last travel was fast every week 1 or 2 city’s, every tour I could find and I was nearly scared to miss one piece of it.

You can say I get older because I don’t need (what for a crazy word, you never need or must see or do anything) to see everything. I am happy what I can see end enjoy it.

Is it fake when I say I want to settle down or if i just need a short break?

Yes, you need also holidays from traveling. Not a lot of people are telling you that but traveling is sometimes exhausting. You need to plan every few days again where you are sleeping, where to find food, can I wash my stuff or do I survive till the next hostel. It takes a lot of energy out of you. I am such a type of person when I am traveling i never give me a resting day. Resting day means for me washing, planning and working on my photos. That is not really resting. I was happy when I was on the farm and I have had a “normal life”. When you can say that. It is more like not packing your backpack again and off we go. I really could rest and I know because of this experience that I love to get to a slower travel than I have done already. Just maybe one part of a country and that intense. I was also able these time to life with people from the country I was traveling in, this opportunity’s gave me a complete different experience than only the hostel life.


But what is my conclusion. Do I want a normal live? I don’t know? I think maybe that some people love to have a steady life but others are in the world at home. I know for myself that after 6 months or better 2 weeks of normal working life I will go crazy. Sitting in an office after such a long time traveling will be a hard time. On the other side I am happy to get all my travel posts online and can start some ideas to become reality.


In the end I only can say that we will see what life shows me on my way.





  1. I think it’s really hard to say what a normal life is anyway.
    But I kinda feel similar to you.
    Im now officially a “grown up”, a adult.
    And now I have to choose – do I want to have the life that would be right there ?
    The one where I will work at a save workplace near my birthplace in the one profession I went to school for-
    Or will I move ? To a bigger city, follow the voice in my heart which reaches out to me saying: ” that other life will not satisfy you, not yet. There lies a bigger journey ahead!”

    Well I don’t know.
    I also don’t know why i shared this now – but it seemed fitting.
    Anyway – I wish you all the best with your life
    no matter how it will look like in the end.

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    • Thank you soo much ! I am really pleased everytime when i can see that we are not alone with oure thoughts and problems. We both will find oure ways in life, i really believe that. Your omment is more than fitting and also really inspiring for me!

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  2. Just Bobbing Along says

    We full time RV… sometimes we have whirl wind experiences and sometimes we have down time. Sometimes I feel as though we should be doing something exciting during our downtime but in reality our bodies need time to rest and rejuvenate so I quickly dispense with those thoughts.

    Actually today I was walking to a store and I had the feeling you get when you’re walking on a beach on vacation. I really liked the feeling of not being hurried and being able to enjoy and I do mean truly enjoy every moment of my life and not feel I’m in a rush or burdened. I think this is my new normal and I sure do like that.


    • That sounds lovely ! You really have made your normal life feeling to a “I am in vacation” feeling. That is the best of the best !


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