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Annapurna Circuite Day 8 – 12

Manang (3540hm) – Yak Kharka (4018hm)
The days are getting shorter because we make more high meters but straight up the mountains. Today is just around 5 hours of walking. Really nice scenery and not really hard. It’s a dry area and now there are also no cars anymore. Everything what you need now must be transported on horses or yaks. But that’s really nice its quiet and hot. Haha after we are so burned from yesterday we need to cover everything up. I already have bought a round scarf to cover my face more. You learn just in a few days what kind of equipment you really need for a hike.
Our group is now getting a bit smaller because 3 of the guys want to make another side track for acclimatization what needs 3 days but I don’t have really the time for it. So maybe we see them in the end of the track again.
Today we have again a long time to recover its around 5 hours only for walking and when you start at 6.30 its easily done till lunch. Now we don’t have really stuff to charge our cameras or phones anymore. Or better here.
Everyone is sleeping the whole time till the evening than again playing cards (spoons) and some dinner. You also really need a good sleeping back otherwise you’re freezing your ass of. (they don’t have really blankets here)


Yak Kharka (4018hm) – Thorung Phedi (4450hm)
Again a small hike of only 3 hours. These time I walk mostly with the girl from the Netherlands. It’s so nice to walk every day with someone else so you still have some stuff to talk too. It is one steep climb and that’s it sort of. We need to wait here again because of the acclimatization day. So again a lot of reading, talking and eating. But no you will not gain weight also when you eat the hole time fried rice, burgers, pizza or Momos. You are walking still too much for that and your body first starts to be really used to walk between 16-20 km’s per day.


Thorung Phedi (4450hm) – Pass (5400hm) – Muktinath (3760hm)
The Pass. Jep today we are doing the pass. The original plan was just to get to the basecamp, but we are after a steep climb there in 45 min. I walk again with the girl from the Netherlands, and we are walking to a lookout because normally we should meet here all the other people of the group. But they will first arrive in the evening or tomorrow, so we decide to walk further and met them there. The pass is a really hard walk. There is just one shop to get some water, what is again really expensive like 5 euros. Then the walk. I really was not knowing how often you can think after the next corner we are there. I can feel that the air gets thinner because after a few meters you need to stop and breathe, than again a few meters and stop. We see some birds on the way what is the first real wildlife what we see (yaks, deer’s and birds). 10 min before we are reaching the top at 5400m I start to get high sick and that doesn’t make fun at all. I don’t have the high sickness tablets with me because I was really not knowing that something like that exists. Jaja blame on me. So I fake some smiles at the top because I am still freaking happy to be here and that I have made it. I was really walking hundreds of km’s only to show myself how strong I am. Then we are going fast down, that’s the only thing what helps with high sickness. For my luck we meet some guys from Israel who have some tablets left and I can get one. After 30 min and resting (don’t sleep that can literally kill you) I am good to walk further. For that I am really thankful and when one of you guys readying this, again thank you! We were walking really fast down to a small village and the nature has changed already. Starting in a mountain area than snow and now a rock desert. In the village I buy a yak scarf. I love scarf and I help with that the woman who are living here. Normally we could sleep here but tomorrow the Dutch girl want’s to catch a bus to Jomsom and I feel fine to walk further. So let’s walk. With new energy we keep going. We see some sort of rabbits or so, yaks, horses and a lot of goats. In Mukthinath we are finding the Swedish guy, the American and the Australian again. What a day!


Mukthinath (3760hm) – Kagbeni (2800hm)
Road. That’s it. Today I walk with the American couple, the Australian and the Swedish guy to Kagbeni and that means road. A lot of people have sad drive to Jomsom and walk from there but I just want to finish my walk. So walking on the street in the sun. I nearly feel like I am in a delirium. There is a side-track but after 4 times trying to find them and an hour later we give up. I shortly get lost in the next village because of some nice photos what I want to take and then, jep how I have said road. That’s it. My legs are hurting from the walking down and the road and really it doesn’t make too much fun. But we make it and can have a nice lunch in Kagbeni. It’s a nice small town with not that many things to do. But it is really worth a stroll around. I have really my own room and can finally relax with some bugs as room-mates. In the evening the light goes quite often of in the whole village. But that’s not too worse than it’s just bedtime.


Kagbeni (2800hm) – Jomsom (2720hm)
Another walk on the road. I really have enough. Jep I really don’t like it to walk on a hot road with hurting legs. The strong wind is blowing the hole time the sand in our faces and makes it really hard to walk. We have decided when we see a bus we try to catch it and after around 2hourse of walking we really get one. Everyone is really happy because that last 2 days was not nice. But the Bus drive is I can say adventures. Haha I am just laughing my ass off because the others trying not to scream. I must say when my brain would work normally and wouldn’t be completely damaged from the sun I would also scream or panic. But hey when you need to die than please with a big smile in your face. The road is more than bumpy and on one side it goes straight down the mountain with no security stuff. Some cheeps and buses are coming also the other way and need to pass us. The road isn’t that wide that 2 buses could cross each other and mostly we are the bus who is at the age of the cliff. But hey luckily everything goes fine, and we arrive with sweaty t-shirts Jomsom.


Jomsom (2720hm) – Marpha (2670hm)
From Jomsom I take another bus to Marpha where I will stay a night and have a look around in the monastery.


I miss all the amazing people and culture already!


So that was the Annapurna circuit for me and I know already that I will come back to Nepal to do another track.

I was falling in love with Nepal. Thank you for beeing so awsome!

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