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Dreaming and creating the life of your dreams

Today I want to talk about another topic! Your dream life.

Since we are all small we are dreaming of the life we wish we can create in our future. Some wants to get married and kids, a big travel, a big car or house, others are dreaming of that job to gain their millions in their bank account.

What are your dream?

The reality hit us most hard after school or sometimes a bit later after the study. Mostly than the dreams are staying dreams. The job is not that good what we are getting, the travel is too expensive or the man they are searching just don’t exist.

Everyone from my friends know that I have plenty of dreams in my head, but they were just dreams. I was loving to talk over them but that’s it.

How to start?

I was reading one really nice book what was just called “mindfulness”. Jep that’s the title. Every day for 30 days you sit down and meditate for 10 min. It sounds like nothing but the first few days it was the hell. I couldn’t sit still, I wanted to move, I want to organize some stuff…. For me it was just a waste of time. (On the other side I have had easy 2-3 hours per day time to watch TV).

I am not a person who quits easily, so I stick to the idea. It was really helpful that there was a CD with some guided meditation, so I was staying with it. 30 days later I was really loving and searching the 10 min. It was my time! It was the time that I have just for myself. No TV, no phone just me my dreams and my body here and now.

For me this was the starting point to create my further life. I have realized that I am dreaming my life away and don’t have seen or done anything what I want, but it needed still 4 years and a few breakups later that I finally start with moving.

I was starting with reading, listening and watching everything I could about mindfullness, meditation, law of attraction and affirmations.

Is that enough?

No it isn’t you must understand what you are reading, then practice it and when you think you have it sometimes you must start all over again.

I make one small example. After my study I was traveling through Australia and New Zealand, I have had big dreams to go to Thailand and also train horses, go diving and see magnificent things. Have I done it? Nope! I was working. I changed my job and the next job was there. My dreams were still there, but I was thinking I would never get the money together or get the time off from work. I was also never expecting that someone will train me in horsemanship for just 2-3 weeks.

I was doing vision boards, what I want to realize or better what are my dreams. Included a buckskin horse, a lot of pictures about traveling, jep also a guy and a dog.

Now I can say you I needed to shift a lot of my mind to start to believe that I can do this. And I (especially a lot of people who know a bit of law of attraction)  need to let go. I need to be ok ,more like, it’s ok when I get it otherwise it’s also fine. I was finally planning my next big trip, and I haven’t realized till a few days ago that I live my dreams. I am sooo great full that I have seen Thailand that I am at the moment receive (for me) the best horsemanship training I could image of. I was not anymore aware of it that I was dreaming it for such a long time but have never let go of it.

So here are some small advice how you can also start your dream life:

  1. Sit down and relax. (yes it is a meditation) write everything down you want to get or do ….
  2. Make a vision board (a vision board is literary a mind map of all the things you want to get or see… in pictures) and look at it every day
  3. See It as already there. That you are experience it at the moment. It is yours the best thing is when you are waking up say thank you that I do these amazing travel or thank you for my new car whatever you want. You need to be great full for your life. Do this in the morning as first thing when you wake up and the last thing of the day before you go to bed. It will give the universe, god or however you want to call it, the believe that you are great full and thankful for it. You will also reprogram your subconscious mind in this way. You will be more happy and see more the small good things in your life.

And now the

  1. And for me really the hardest thing is to let go. Forget about it. Life in the here and now. The rest of the day you should spend in the here and now don’t bother about your dreams.
  2. Then you will start with realizing after a while that small things will appear in your life like a cheap travel deal, a cheap car and it is that what you have dreamed off. Now take action. Take the deal and buy the car. That are small signs that your action is now required.

Yes there is a way to life your dream life. It can be frustrating sometimes. And believe me I know what I am talking about here, sometimes I lose faith in my dreams because it is nearly there and then further away than everything else. But hey my belief : life provides for you. It gives you everything you need and also as much as you can handle.

Believe in life and create your dream life.


Now it is your turn. Let’s start!

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