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Hormone Couching week 1 – 4

The first week

The first week was pretty ok, my energy level was high and after a few days I could already see an improvement in my skin.

Happy again.

The second week

My energy starts to drop down extremely. I feel just horrible down and I am always a stand-up person. I start to be tired as hell and make plenty of mistakes at work. You can imagine how that helps.  My couch and I are writing a few times a week that the mood can stay the hole time and that I should listen to my body and make as much sport as my body can do / need. My Body is extreme detoxing and need all his energy for that. I don’t make more than 2 times 30 min sport and one of them is just some stretching.

Skin stays how it is.

I also ask her because of the back pain problems, what is one main goal of me (to get rid of it) and that I was expecting way more.

Answer: Than you need to update your couching and if it is really so bad, I am the wrong person, but I can tell you a good other couch.

I have lost a lot of respect from that person now.

The third week

Skin stays ok. My legs are now sooo dry that, if I sort of touch them, I start with bleeding. I tell it to her, and we stop with the liver supplements. My nails are cracking constantly. My mood is so down that I see only the worst. My mistakes are increasing and I start to be scared to lose my job. I see the worst in my relationship and also start to think that it will end. I would already call this really a start of depression. In the middle of the week finally my concentration start to increase and I think I am on coffee all the time. That’s what I am allowed to drink, too. It starts to feel like a really nice sharpness in my head, but my body cant handle any sport anymore. I barely can handle my work and horse days. She tells me that it is because the heavy metals are coming out now and that’s why I feel so shitty.

I am also not allowed to eat bananas anymore or pineapple because that’s too much sugar.

The fourth week

My skin gets worse again. My legs and mood are getting better since we have stopped the liver supplement. The sharpness of concentration is gone and I feel again normal. My body instead feels horrible. I don’t feel anymore beautiful in my body. I don’t know if I have lost some kilos or not, but everything starts to look pale and skinny or fat. Nothing is defined anymore, nothing on my body looks sporty or really healthy.  I get sick and lay 4 days in my bed with horrible pain in my hole body and fever. I need to say that I don’t think that this has anything to do with the couching! These 4 days, I still only eat what I am allowed to eat and less because I barely can walk to the kitchen. The rest 3 days I try to go to work and 2 times to my horse. The thought of sport is totally gone because how and with what kind of energy? I need sport to get rid of my energy or let some aggression out, for me sport is sooo good to compensate the stress from work and to feel good.

My hairs are starting to get dry and dryer and I am freezing now also with 4 layers on. I also told my couch that loosing kilos are not any of my goals. On Thursday, I tried again to make some sport and after 7 min I literally broke together.

On Friday, I couldn’t go with the food anymore. I was the hole day in meetings and only have had the food that was provided for us and 10 min break. I call this a cheating day (because of bread at lunchtime) in the evening I was driving straight to some friends. The weekend was also a cheating day, but I need to say I felt on Saturday amazing. This was a fantastic weekend, I was feeling great. My relationship recovered and I just felt that everything is right.

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