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Hormone Couching week 5-6

Fifth week

We start again with the liver supplement, but in a small dose. I really don’t want to be that bad moody again, that’s just not what I am looking for. I also don’t send any food pictures anymore. It is just annoying to make from everything a picture. It is sort of I don’t have control over my own life anymore. I have started instead an excel sheet with literary everything inside.

That means what I drink, how much I drink, what I eat (and I mean everything), how much I have slept, what kind of sport I make and how long, and also how my mood is. I think you can say that you know everything about me after you have studied that sheet.

After such a perfect weekend, I need to push me again to eat only vegetables, meat and fish again. I hope my energy level stays up because I realized that I need the sport for my mental and body health. This extreme low-carb diet is something for a few weeks, but nothing further. I just grave after sweet stuff and cookies, or just some potatoes or rice to my vegetables.

Sixed week

This week I have my next analyze, but before I want to give you a small update on how I feel.

I start still to grave after some bread or pasta or my beloved cookies. I also have realized that my food all in all was really full of carbohydrates. My old daily food was in the morning, 2 dried bread with my beloved cheese. Lunch was mostly some veggies with potatoes or what the canteen offers. In the evening, I eat most of the time also just some dried bead with cheese.

Yes I need to say that is a really cheap food life. In the morning I just don’t have the time to have a good healthy breakfast and in the evening I am too tired. Now my food is in the morning, a smoothie, at lunch vegetables and meat and in the evening some selfmade bread out of nuts and seeds with avocado. I need to say that the costs of food are increasing rapidly. It’s not cheap food, and you need a lot of it.

My skin has found a balance now, it’s not 100% good, neither 100%bad. I am also thinking, of switching some daily creams, they are too drying out for me now. My hair is normal again and also my energy level starts to be fine. I also start with one time a week with sport again. After just one workout, my muscles hurt for the next 6 days. I also started to like my body again, what I was literary hating the last weeks.

My bad mood is also gone, and I start with feeling in balance. The bad thoughts are finally gone again, and I really think that the detox is finished or better, it has worked. We will see in a few days what the result says.

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