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Couching – The Start

At the beginning of January 2021, my couching started. The expectations are high, so we will see how it works.

I got my cleans liver (supplement for detox) finally and the first E-Mails are coming.

I got in total 2 E-Mails. 1 with the program for me and some recipes, and the second just the normal bill.

The first shock!

The program says nothing, really. The first few pages telling me what was coming out of the test, that’s totally ok. The next pages just tell me what I already know, what are calories, what are carbohydrates… and what? No sport excises nothing. The recipes, well, every fitness couch has these things for free on their website. But nice try. It says what I should for example eat in the day and what I shouldn’t. But that’s sort of it.

Her written down goals are also complete different from what I want!

-losing 2-3 kilos ??? Really ???

-skin problems

No note for the real deal. My back pains or stomach problems.

Before I go deeper, you need to know how much and what I do in my week to know how much energy I need normally.

-3 times 1 hour sport in the gym

-5 times 3 hours in the stable

-4 days around 10 h work and Fridays around 6-8h

– weekend driving to my bf around 1,5h per way and mostly a 5h hike

My plan:

  • In the morning, I need to drink warm water with lemon juice and salt, before any food.
  • Taking the Supplements
  • For food: no sugar, no carbohydrates. A lot of vegetable, meat and fish. For drinking Water and tea.

I start to be already to be pissed on, so much money for only this?? But maybe it will work, well, let’s see in the future.

I start exactly what she has written down. No sugar, no carbohydrates. I start with preparing and looking over all my food and what I can eat and prepare my fridge for the next coming weeks.

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