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Hormone Test and Couching

Hormones in food, hormones in drinks, antibabypill, medicine ……
Every day we eat hormones, heavy metals and more crazy shit.

How you know or better not know because I don’t have had this blog at this time I was going off the pill in 2016 because of health problems.
I have needed a long, long time to recover from the side effects what all comes after this.

I was thinking that after years of detoxing, looking after food and making sport everything is out of my body.

You know what’s coming the big fat NOOOOOO!!!!!!

I was at my naturopath again since a long, long time and she just come inside and was like wow what’s up Stephie. Your smelling after cortisone. (I got that 2 years ago for my ear operation)

And here we go but these time I want to get rid of it completely.

Step 1 – Finding a couch
My sister was coming one day to me and told me she has a really, fantastic recommendation for a couch. In this way I was trusting my sister because she has already done some couches. I was just writing an E-Mail asking for 3 things I wanted to have at this time. So here was my problems:
-Skin Problems (Still after years not 100%gone after the pill)
-Back pain
-maybe that my hearing improves.

She told me these are the exact things where she could help me.
There are different methods how to measure the hormones in your body. You can take blood or the method I have done is to take the skin folds method after “Charles Poliquin” an American trainer and fitness couch. He has watched over the years how hormones effect the body and change it. There are parts where you can train as hell and you will not see any difference because it is from your hormones and not because off something else. The next good thing is that I don’t trust anyone with a needle who is not a doc 😉 that’s my thing, sort of.

Step 2 – The test
My first appointment for the hormone test.
My Couch sounds pretty good and qualified. She tells me what she will do and what I can expect to see as a result.
I strip down to underwear, and she starts with measuring my body. She also asked if I want to make some photos with my phone (without the head) to see the before and after results if I want to go on with the couching.
After just 20 min she is ready with measuring, weighting and testing.

What are the first results?
Not really impressive. Everything I was already knowing.
She explained to me the result:
-I have had over the years a lot of constant stress. (Typical for Architects). Stress hormones
-I make a lot of sport. The Body fat
-I have way too much oestrogen hormones because of the pill.

What she has offered me. A 3-month couching to get ride off everything and of the point mention in the E-Mail.

No Back pains anymore, no skin problems and my sister knows her than there is nothing to say no against, the prize. Uff, the couching is FUCKING expansive. I was talking with her 2 hours long + test and was signing with a “nearly” good feeling the contract.

Here is what I expect from the couching:
-Food plan and why I eat this and that, explanations
-Sport plan for my bag
-Tips and tricks what I need to do that it goes faster for example massages or cold and warm showers….
-that I can do that next to my normal daily working live program

Results what I expect on my body:
-Complete clean skin
-No back pain anymore
-in some areas less fat
-be happier (she has told me I would get a higher happiness because I call it know the Happiness Hormone)
-better concentration
-optional hearing improves
-healthy digestion

She already gives me some supplements with me:
-Algae’s for the detox
-Magnesium for better sleep
-Liver clean (Vitamin C and Seleen) what I need to buy online, also for helping with the detox

We want to start a few weeks (January) later because it is Christmas time first.

Here I already need to say one down thing:
I was feeling pushed to sign the deal. I also have seen in the contract later that if she has “started” with the couching, here giving the vitamins, you can’t quite anymore and you can’t get out anymore. You must pay ,whatever you do it or not!

Yes it is not a good start !

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