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A New Chapter

It is sooo weird how a life can change in just 1 year.

When I look back I have a picture of a hard working woman sacrificing her youth for someone else dreams.

So what has happen in 1 year? (from March 2018 till March 2019

  • I was traveling 5 months around the globe
  • I have learned to train horses
  • I have got my first horse
  • I have got my strong will back
  • I have survived a 10-day silent meditation camp
  • I have started soap making
  • I have meet incredible people and have seen amazing countries
  • I have quite my safe job as an architect
  • I have made finally a desiccation

Yes it was a fun and curious year and I know that still soo many articles are missing. Life goes on and it’s never getting boring with me so what’s next?

I will work from March on a view month in Iceland. I will work as a tour guide for horseback adventures. I will not see that much from the country but I will finally work something I love. Why just a view month. As you maybe know that this is a complete different life and work experience I have never had before but I want to look if my dreams are really that great as I think or if it’s just a dream. I know that this job is really hard and I hope that I don’t underestimate it.

As I was getting told I will life with another girl there make with her or alone, depends on the group size, 3 tours per day. Maybe we get some drop-in customers but that we will see. We also need to take care of the horses and the stable like feeding, cleaning and looking that the gear is fine. I will tell you all more when I am there and have a view days’ work experience.

But first why only a view month and not straight a view years or a year?

It’s long enough to really get into the job but short enough if I really don’t like the job (what I think it is not possible). So a view month are pretty good and as I know my life, things can change fast and maybe another opportunity is popping up.

I think now you know as much as I do and I am really looking forward to it.

Off course, I will keep you all updated and still continue my world trip articles as good as I can.


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