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One week in Iceland

So this is now my first article over my living and working in Iceland.

What can I tell you so far?

My start was pretty good because at the moment it is off-season and here are just a decent number of tourists. We don’t have had a full day with like 80 people and that is really nice for the tourists, for us and the horses. At the farm we are at the moment 2 girls as well as our boss. He is jumping around between 2 stables but mostly he is every second day here or every day when there are a lot of tours going on.

How does my day look like?

My working day start at 7.30o clock with feeding the horses.

After the horses are fed it is time for our breakfast and we make us ready to start the day. Now we can decide how many layers of clothes we take on but mostly under 2 layers no chance. For me that’s pretty cool because normally I would sit at 7.30 already in the office and write my first E-Mails. At 8.30 one of us starts with driving to Reykjavik what is just 20 min away from us (pretty handy for the evening events) to pick up the people. The other one starts with making coffee and preparing the horses. It depends on how much people are coming. We never take more than 6 people for one guide and that is also really good. Sometimes we have 2 tours or 1 big one but then off course we are doing it together.

I take now the case that we have just 1 tour and a small one than 1 person is riding and the other one is mocking out the stable. We call it the shit-work and yes it is like how we say it! I am always surprised how fast it is going. 1 Person needs around 1 hour for 13 boxes. I must say, the first few days my whole body was hurting like hell because I am an office person and I was just not used to this kind of hard body work. Now no problems! When the tour is coming back, the tour guide is looking after the tourist and drink a tee, coffee or a hot chocolate with them, the other one is looking after the horses. In the end we need to drive the people back to the hotel.

This starts over and over with some time off for lunch for the horses (they are getting 4 times a day a massive amount of hay) and for us. Then it starts again. Sometimes we need to drive to a store to pick up some cleaning gear for the horses. So no day is the same.

In the evening we are cleaning the coffee area and feeding the last time at 19.30 than we have time for us.

The good thing is that we already know some people around us and they are training horses, so we can take a fun ride with their horses. With these horses we can tölt or canter as much as we want but still they are really young and green 😉

In just 1 week I have learned a ton of things mostly a lot of organization stuff but I have had also after 3 days my first own guided tour. Yes I was nervous but because our tours are just 1-2 hours long that’s really easy.

If you have any questions to my work or the life in Iceland just write in the comments.


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