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It is OK to feel bad!

What you don’t expect will happen at a time you can’t Imagen! Anger, confusion, scariness. These feelings are not allowed in our society. Everyone is talking of how to fake it (happiness) till you make it and yes there are a truth inside of it but sometimes its just not working.

What’s happen then?

Falling in a deeper hole and question it, why you can’t fake it ? Felling worse only because you have a bad day?


And when I could, I would scream it into your face.

It is OK to feel shit after a breakup. It’s OK to feel angry after loosing something or someone. It is OK to question yourself.
It‘s OK!!!!
When you don’t be aware of these bad feelings, they will nagging on you, you will feel them over and over again because these feelings are there, and they want you to accept them. They are a part of you, so don’t cut them out.
Go and get your ice, your pizza or go partying. Whatever you need to do, to get over them, do it. Its allowed. Cry, scream and hate people for a while, it is OK.
Because only than, the healing can start, than they can fade away. Anger will be getting smaller and one day you will wake up and think like “ohhh they are gone!”.

Maybe it will not happen in minutes, hours or days. Sometimes it needs years for it, but they will go and will be just a period in your life.
So let all your feelings out. Don’t bother if someone says “now its enough get your stuff together”. They are not in your shoes, they don’t understand how it can hurt sometimes.

Take your time and take it easy.
When you are ready get up, grow out of it, learn from it. You will never get something what you can’t handle. Sometimes it looks like the end of the world but afterwords you are a new person. Stronger, more powerful and better than ever before. It is your life, your feelings.

You are the Master of your life. Get new dreams, realise them and go your own way.
Some people are only coming into your life to teach you something, and then they leave.

Other peoples are there to stay on your side, for these people you should look out. These people are real friends, family and partner.

Stay, grow and be ready to be happy again. You are never alone out there.
You are OK whatever happens.

No one can hurt you when you don’t allow it. Your feelings are coming from your thoughts. Control your thoughts, control your feelings.

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