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Introduction to my travel style

What can I say to how I want to travel ?

My travel style will be every time different. I don’t like it just to go to a country and visit in 1-2 days some cities and then off home again. It’s nice and it sometimes happens because of the holidays you get while you work but not that often.

I will travel out of the norm. Out of my comfort zone. That means long-term travel and slow travel. I love to go hiking, biking, diving, horse riding and just explore the area and the culture.

But to do that I must sometimes go to places where not Wifi or less Wifi is, that makes it impossible to post something on Instagram or here. Off course, I try to keep you up to date especially when I have Wifi again.

So don’t be angry if I am offline for a while, something amazing is then waiting of you!

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Stephanie Weiss is a Germany Travel Blogger, Architect, Photographer, Explorer and free Spirit.


  1. Agree with you. Sometimes the real traditions and cultural aspects of a city or country can be found outside the zone of Wifi and so on. However therefore it is just very impressive and will stay in your mind as well as being a good education.


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