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Dreams and how to live them

What a start in the day!

I was just walking to the main station to get my train and off course was again really excited because I have had a new idea. So I was telling my friend about it and was stopping. The text I was writing was more like: Yeah I know another idea from Stephanie…. And here it comes.
I have amazing ideas but that’s it. I stop with pushing them further. It’s just the Moment. I know it’s a gift that I have the idea and …. stop.

Metaphorical you can say you’re in full speed running but stopping straight because there is a small puddle in front of you. So you are turning around and go back home.
That’s maybe the best description what I can give. That’s what I am doing my hole lifelong.

Some ideas are coming they pulling me so strong to them, that after years I fulfil them, but more than 98% getting lost in the ocean.
So what is the plan?

  1.  Start your time management. I know, I know it is so easy to come home from a 11hour working day throwing your bag in a corner and starting with watching TV the hole evening and before you realise it its night and you don’t know where the day is gone.
  2.  No TV in the evening. Set yourself a time limit like your parents have done when you were a child. Pick one specific movie and watch it and then turn it off.
  3. Don’t sit the hole day before the phone.
  4. Start with a list what your dreams are.
  5. The 3-minute rule: if you can do it in less than 3 minutes do it now. The rest can be done later.
  6. Every single dream starts with a single step. What is your first step?


I can’t tell you that much further because I am also still in the process to realise more dreams for myself. Some are taking a few minutes to archive them, some needing years to get fulfilled. When you start, keep moving, amazing things are waiting of you!

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