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Where is my passion gone?

Today I was working again on my website.

I need to learn way more but I start really to enjoy the process of creating it. Mostly I was doing the writing thing but jep, you need to know how to do some software stuff too.

After a few hours I was starring on the clock and couldn’t Imagen what’s happen.

I have forgotten the time!

Since a long time I was doing something with so much passion, that I really have forgotten the time. Yes I really couldn’t Imagen it.

Should not every day be like that? Full of passion and stuff what you love?

So I was asking myself where is my passion gone ? When have I lost it?

And the answer was so simple, in the routine.

The routine of every day! It is something good in one way because you can organize everything and you don’t must be worried that you miss anything.

But in our days there is way too much planning and organizing. Everyday looks like the same. I could tell you what I do next week at this time exactly. Is that not horrible?

What’s the plan to change it?

Good question, I just searching the answer the next few months and then I can tell you! But I think a good start is some free time, no planning, nothing, just to spend it with spontaneous things.

So let’s start with searching our passion together.

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