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Working for You or Someone else

I love it !!

I love to wake up in the morning. I always jump out of my bed and can’t wait to go to work. Sometimes I just think already on Friday of Monday again.

Ok that’s maybe a little overdone here but have you ever thought something like that while working for someone else?

I don’t.

I hear more like yeah I have studied and now I work in my field because everyone expected that I am doing that. No I don’t love my job but it gives me money to pay my rent and I can go in holidays.

That’s more the regular thing I here.

Lately I also here the next sentence:
I try to get something else started that I can reduce or quit my job.

I have the feeling there is a change coming in the working life. A change in the whole system. People don’t want to just work because it is necessary they want to work because they believe in the dream for what they are working. I really think that for example the remote jobs, working in different countries or quitting and doing something else is just showing us the peak of something bigger.
People don’t want to waste their time in an office, they want to have the feeling that they are still in control of their life’s.

I already can hear the people who are saying, but we need the money…

Yes, and that is right I need It too. I need food in my mouth, I need a bed and I need a roof over my head. I can’t or better I don’t want to life without money.

An example: I am (at the moment) a bit bored at home, so I was thinking it would be fun to start a part-time job on the weekend. A few days and a lot of thinking later, I have decided against it. I don’t want a part-time job on the weekend. I want something that makes fun, brings me further and get something started for myself. I want to start my own small little fun business on the side. Why? Because I want to have the feeling that I love my work and that I have control over my time. I don’t want to spend the last 2 days of the week for someone else, they are my days.

Have you felt the different how I talk?

My thing – full of motivation, money is not the main priority
Work for someone else – I do it because I need something, here money

Here I need to clear it up that some people and some jobs are amazing and if you have such a job or if you love your job stay there, you have the jackpot. For the rest of us we want to find these jobs for us or create such job that we can feel happy and full field.

Why do I know that these jobs exist?
Pretty simple. As I was working in Iceland I was jumping out of my bed that I can work. I was the first person up because I just loved what I have done. I was not looking at the money but the fun thing was I have had plenty also when I was getting paid like a student. I was not counting the over hours ( I am doing that always while I am in the office) or the break time I have had. OK I was counting the free days because my boss has lost sometimes track off it but hey I am also only human.
The spirit of working was there, the spirit of fulfillment, of joy and happiness. I was just living what I wanted. It was like a dream come true.

So how can you start ?

Maybe ask yourself some questions.
-Do you like your job?
-Are you happy and is it (unhappiness) related to your job or are there different aspects in your life you need to change?
-Do you have a hobby you want to take further?
-How would your perfect day look like? (Write it step by step down)
-Can I save enough to overcome some hard times before I take the leap?

There are way more questions to ask yourself before starting over but you get my idea of it.

And now it is your turn! I only can give you motivation and inspiration with these blog. I can read your comments and reply but I can’t do the steps for you.

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