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OK – It is OK!

Do you know these days?

Everything is just OK?

Nothing is super exciting. Nothing is super bad. Everything is just looking OK.

You’re sort of happy and it is quieten a bit down. You have wished for some relaxing days but now everything is OK, yeah just OK.

It’s nothing special, it’s just nothing. It’s a word and feeling and you can’t get really hold on it. It’s just there. You start with asking yourself why there is nothing amazing happening because OK is just the average thing.

We all want something. Something special, some action. In these action times, if it is too much we would love to have some off days but then while we have these days we don’t know what’s happen. These are days, who are floating away. These are days, you can’t get a grip on them. They are like water. Flowing around you and you don’t know if you can swim or if you are drowning but you can breathe anyway. It’s like a fluffy bubbly who surrounds you. Who wants, rather protect you before the next big thing is happening. OK days are better than bad days but ok days don’t have a clear cut to be over. OK days can be there for days or weeks and hopefully not month. OK days are a breathing time to recharge the energy and gain your power back. OK days are there before something big is happening. Believe me I have seen it often enough.

When I have ok days, I feel confused. I don’t have a clear goal for a few days. I don’t know what I like or what I don’t like. When I have an OK day it’s just like living the hours and don’t know really what I have done in this time. I start to be confused because there are no massive ups or downs. There are mostly small ups or downs, just like a zero line, and then I realise that is just an OK day. You don’t feel maybe too much excitement and asking already what’s going on with yourself? Maybe you have an OK day than.

The fun thing with OK days.

The fun thing with these OK days is that If you realise you have an OK day it is easy to except it and you don’t need to do anything than. Just the realisation that you have an OK day today is enough to calm your mind down. (For me this works) If you have an OK day, you can lean back relax and just wait. Life will show you something in maybe a few days, weeks or month. Believe me life will show you something. It just gives you time to breath before the next big thing will happen in your life.

Enjoy these days and just go with the flow. The thing is that these days are there to hold still for a while. Made a wrong decision just wait maybe something good comes out of it. Done something amazing, maybe something even better is waiting of you now.

What I have learned with these OK days.

After them, many things are changing or new opportunities are popping up. These days are the silent before the storm is coming but after this crazy storm, always something better is there.

Yes sometimes I am a bit scared what crazy things will happen but hey life prepares me for it so why getting scared to badly when life holds my back.

So enjoy your OK days something big is waiting of you.

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