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The dream life

I am sitting in my chair, starring out of a window. I see a perfect green grass area with perfect trimmed trees and perfect looking benches.

That is what I see.

I walk around everything is clean and tidy.

It looks surreal!

I go home.

I have a really nice big flat, a car before my door, a garden and a perfect view over the area. I have a good salary. I can safe something. I sit in this perfect flat and ask myself how would I feel if I would have more money? Would I feel the same? Would I be more happy?

Everyone wants to have more! More Money, bigger cars, better jobs.

I am happy where I am and no one understand it.

I don’t have the need anymore to have more. For me is less, more. I throw clothes away because I don’t need them. I throw stuff away I don’t have used since years.

Off course, I have hobby’s and a lot of them. I meet friends and I have plenty to do but everything looks perfect it feels perfect and still there is something missing.

I really don’t know what it is but I know it is just a moment at the time that I will be here in that perfect stage.

There are no worries, not too much stress and all in all not too much.

Everything is balanced.

I already ask myself: is it too perfect?

I don’t like perfect but it feels good. I don’t want to change it really. So I will stay for a while till the perfection is gone and the real life is back. I will life in that bubble of perfect is perfect and then I will walk away and find my own perfect thing.

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