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Living and working in Iceland – week 2/3

Iceland is still one of the most fascinating country’s I have visited so far and yes that’s mostly because of the all-day changing nature. One minute it is snowing, then rain and a few minutes later it is perfect sunshine.

This weather changes makes also my work pretty cool because the landscape is changing constantly.

I know now already that the horse jobs are not a job what you can do your life long (was never my intention but who knows!). I already have realized that we should respect these people way more, doesn’t matter if they are just working in a normal stable and cleaning every day your horses box or if they are taking you from a to b. These people working 8-10 hours hard body work, still a lot of stress and getting mostly a bad pay.

The one thing why they are doing it is – because they love their job!

This is the most important reason!

I am working here already 3 weeks long and not one day has felt like work. Yes I need to get up early and I don’t have much privacy but in total it’s amazing.

In 3 weeks I have crashed one time the car with 7 customers on board (better it was not getting on again) and my college needs to pick us up. I have had 1 horrible trip with a woman who was thinking she is the tour guide and was constantly reminding me that she knows everything better. (She was just totally over the top), I have met people who are just coming to make a horse race with us (what we don’t do at all) but can barely sit on a horse…. These are the types of customers who you need to deal with sometimes.

On the other hand you meet so many inspiring people, hear amazing storys and learn soo much more from the world and the perspectives of other cultures and countries. I love to talk to them just because it is interesting to hear something new.

Off course, I do my own tours already and yes I have my favourite horse but sometimes that is changing.

Do I still love riding soo much as in the beginning?

Hell yeah! I would say way more!

I don’t search anymore for excuses not to go trail riding in a snowstorm, rain or hailstorm. Just use the right gear and the horses don’t care at all. I also think now that I should dream way bigger than I have. As bigger, as better but I should start to realize some of my dreams and not only talk over what I want to do. (I have soooo many dreams)

I need to say that I start to be more consequent with the horses. In the beginning of the job I was a bit babysitting them. Know I don’t do this anymore because say it once ok, if you need to say it 3 times than you or the horse have a problem. With horses everything is a respect thing.

A lot of my friends already asking me if I would buy know an Icelandic horse!

No, thank you. I know that sounds now weard especially since I know that they eat horse meat here and that it is totally common to slaughter the horses who are not getting used or sick (leg broken).

Yes I was really not knowing it before I was coming here. Bad research I can say. Here the horses are not just family members like in Germany, they are workers for example tour horses, top athletes like the competition horses and also food like the lamp or cow at home. They are getting used for everything. Do I think it is ok?

I can’t answer that question really. It is always 2 sides of the medal. On one hand I say yes it is ok because where is the different of slaughtering a horse or a cow? On the other hand I say no because I have a horse at home and would never slaughter him.

I also have had another day free to see some new stuff around Reykjavik. I make that in a new blog post.

In total, I love my work, my colleges are amazing, the horses are fun and I nearly forgot that I am really living in another country. It feels just sooo normal.

Do I want to stay longer than the few months I have planned?

No, I can’t. I already have signed a contract in Germany but new ideas are popping up in my head and I definitely want to explore way more than just a bit. I want to live for a longer time somewhere else, hike mountains, ride horses or dive in the sea. I have realized that this is my nature and I will not take this anytime again away from me. Yes I need to work and nothing comes without money ok maybe something but you know what I mean. So I will go back that I can start to safe my money again and start a new idea to get into reality.

Some small hints are already on my blog and on Instagram …. So just have an open eye of what’s coming next 😉

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