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Annapurna Ciruit Day 5-6

Chame (2670hm) – Upper Pisang (3300hm)
Another day, another life. That’s what I say! And what a day. The walking starts to be a meditation for me. I enjoy it soo much to have no Wifi, no problems. Only where can I sleep, where is my food and my water. Maybe also where can I have a shower but that’s it totally. I realize that we really don’t need that much to life and to be happy. I haven’t felt so free since a long time. I already think of a next walk I will do or another big long time adventure. But first I enjoy these amazing day. It is an easy day for walking, no steep climb and the mountain formations are spectacular. I feel like how I Imagen Mongolia a bit, some trees but mostly stones and rivers. The scenery looks more out of a film than real. When we are arriving at Upper Pissang we have one of the best tea huts ever. The few over Snowy mountains and the walk was just 4 hours long so a lot of time to recover. Today the whole group of 11 people are here, so first some stretching and then lunch. Some people of the group are walking to a lookout but I take the time to have a nap. It was pretty good because it starts heavily raining. But the photos from the guys are looking amazing. In the evening it’s again playing cards and worms. In the food area is a hot fire, so we are staying warm and cozy all time long.

Upper Pisang (3300hm) – Manang (3540hm)
Time to walk alone! Today is the first day when I am walking the half day without anyone. I can let my brain sort some stuff out and to reorganize it a bit. The others taking a side-track but my energy level is not that high today. I just want to have an easy walk. We start all together again at 6.30 our normal starting time. It’s again a nice walk and I really feel that I should do more hicks after my travel. The walk is today not really spectacular it’s not really on a road but still not off the path completely. In the beginning I talk with the Swedish guy over meditation and yoga than after lunch its sort of my time. I have lunch in a small little town up a hill and now its walking down and flat a lot. It’s a canyon with a lot of sand and I must cover my whole face. When the wind comes up, it is really hurting on the arms and its today one of the longest days to hike. I also start to question why the heck I am doing that! My arms are burnt, also my fingers, we are smelling like shit and my backpack is way too heavy. But one village before Manang I can’t believe what I see. A chocolate cake and cinnamon rolls. I stare so hard on that thing that a guy who is also walking through starts with laughing. Haha oh man I must look hungry. Ok quick inside and I get the cinnamon roll. It’s really like my life motto. LIFE PROVIDES FOR YOU. Big dark clouds are starting to come and I just remember what I have read a few weeks before in a book called “Ich bin dann mal weg” from Hape Kerkeling. Give an order to the universe and it will give you what you want. So my order is please 30 min more time without rain and then I should be in Manang what I already can see. And yeeeeeessss I arrive and then it starts to rain. All the hostels are full and i only get a really shitty one. But it’s so shitty that I get out in the rain and find another one where the Americans and the Australian are staying. Thanks to the Australian guy who has helped me to change my hostel and I have finally a warm shower. (now you need to pay for a warm shower but that is worth it)


  1. dear Stephanie, love these photos!!! it must be such a special place 🙂 thanks for sharing, PedroL


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