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Annapurna Circuit Day 2-4

Lampata (ca.1300hm) – Jagat (1300hm)

We are starting really early at 6.30 o clock. Everyone is awake to have a short breakfast and then start with rumbling. An Australian phrase what I have learned down there. The walking starts with a small hill, and we see some children making a shrine out of clay. The day is really good no rain and our clothes are dry. So we can get a lot of km’s inside. It is an easy walk some side tracks but really nice ones. Off course also again some bridges but at the moment I start to get used to them. I am afraid of highs and in the morning they are usually no problems. I am than still a bit tired and with a good breakfast and energy level, no problem. After we have passed some villages we make a turn to another side-track. On the map is staying marijuana fields (see the pic) we find some plants and a really nice cold water pipe where we make a small rest. The next few hours will be horrible. We don’t have had lunch in the last village, and we are climbing a mountain up. We were thinking the next village is not that far away. It is easy to say, but I was never walking soooooo many stairs in my whole life. Then bridges and when you think you have made it, nooooope more stairs. In Jagat we can’t go further our energy level is at the ground, and I am only pleased that I have found such a good buddy to get me through that. I really don’t know what I have done without him. The fun thing is we are not the only ones. Everyone who has taken the side-track is sleeping in Jagat.


Jagat (1300hm) – Dharapani (1860hm)

Easy walk and a lot of people are on the track. We find some Germans, Spanish, and English…. People from really everywhere. It’s a nice walk and in the beginning you don’t feel any high meter. We are all a bit scared how the high steep climb will be after yesterday. It is pronounced on the map, so it should be quite tuff, but after yesterday nothing can shock us anymore. After we are reaching the high steep climb, we are laughing. It is high yes, but really easy and you can have a rest with some water and toilet in the middle of the climb at a café. We have a beautiful few and enjoying the sun. We make a fast lunch break at Tal. The clouds are already coming  and they don’t look to good. We still need to walk a few kms. But the whole day is still good weather and we can enjoy the ice blue water in the river. After yesterday, I have said that I will not do some side-tracks today but hey otherwise it would quite boring. So some more side-tracks and the few is spectacular. Our final stop is in Dharapani where we have a nice room and finally some dinner. It also starts that we are getting like a walking group who is sleeping mostly at the same tea hut and have a meet up at lunch. At this time it is a guy from Italy (my walking buddy), an American couple, an Australian and off course me. It is really a nice atmosphere especially when you know that everyone is struggling sometimes and you can talk over it. I really feel supported the hole track threw.


Dharapani (1860hm) – Chame (2670hm)
Today will be an amazing day with a full load of climbing and different nature. Off course, we are not walking the road, how boring would that be. Haha. Nope please all the side-tracks we can find and they are amazing. We start in a normal mountain area like stones and some trees, here and there some small villages. Than after the first few kms you are walking through a rainforest. It’s like a magic world here. It looks so surreal and afterword a hard rocky area is coming. We also can see the first time the Annapurna Mountains. I am just so happy that I can be here. Just enjoy every moment. We are also talking on the way with some porters and how much they are caring. OMG! They are carrying 45 km on their back and we are struggling with 10. When we are arriving in Chame it’s quite late, and we just going for a stroll. It’s a (for the Annapurna Track) really big village with a lot of shops and you can also get some gear if you need. But be careful it is really expensive. Its European prizes because of the transportation. In Chame we are also getting some new people to our walking group. 2 people from the Netherlands, 3 People from Argentinia and a Swedish guy. We play the hole evening worms and cards. Thats traveling life!

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