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Annapurna Circuit Day 1

How to come to the starting point? I was taking the local Bus what is a quite, bumpy and different experience to the normal bus I was used to. No one really was speaking English (I was really lucky that a nice guy who could speak fluent English was sitting next to me in the end). In the beginning they were speaking and pointing sometimes laughing at me but I just think that they were laughing about the only tourist in the bus. In the end yes I think they were laughing because I have had no clue what I will experience in it. Loud Indian music with movies sometimes, then you are at the destination and have no clue where you are really. They just throw you out somewhere. For my luck and I can believe for a lot of hikers too is Besi Shahar full of hikers. They just sitting outside in the sun and it easy to find a hostel. (I Don’t have sad that they are nice there 😉 )We couldn’t shower really and the toilet was a disaster but its just for one night and the bed was ok. So let’s get started.

Day 1
I have said in the beginning of these trip to me that I want to walk the circuit without a guide and porter and its totally possible. You don’t need that. These circuit is soo good marked you nearly can’t get lost.
I was meeting yesterday a guy from Italy who was also hiking alone, so lets hike together its way more fun.

We are starting over a small bridge down the River of Besi Shahar (760m high) crossing small little villages and also getting a bit lost. Since day 1 I am a huge fan of Maps.ME what has sort of saved us. The locals are really, really friendly and try to help you as much as they can. The only Problem is, they want to help you so much, also when they don’t understand a word English, that they just send you any direction what they think you want to go. But after a few minutes of walking around some gps help and friendly people we have found finally our markings (red white ones) and can start our trip. We are not taking the normal road because that’s quite boring so sidetracks are our best friends. We are crossing small villages and rainforest. After a while it starts so heavily to rain that we can just fix our backpacks that they don’t get vet. It’s a warm rain so not to bad but it was going on for around 4 hours. We are walking wet but really happy our way. After the rain the clothes are in around 30 min already try from the heat and sometimes I wish the rain back. The landscape are changing fast, and we are walking to Bhulbhule what I have said is my first sleeping point. It is first 12 o clock so more lunchtime and afterwords we still go on to a really nice place called Lampata (ca.1150m high). Its just a village of a few houses and a small little puppy who wants to play all the time. They have a hot spring around 30 min away and after a long walking day that sounds like heaven. So let’s jump in the hot spring. After we have made our way down to it and crossing fields who monkeys are trying to find some food we are staying on a tiny like 1x2m pool of hot green water. Its so hot that we can’t really go inside. But we really need a shower we are smelling like shit, and we are still not used to smell so bad (it will come). So what do we can do ? There is just a river next to it and its also just water. Cold water, I mean freaking cold water. But smelling or cold water. The cold water has won, so we are having our “shower” and then we see that there is one stone where the hot water is running down. We rush to get straight underneath it and enjoying the heat. The muscles relaxing and its sooo nice to be fresh and warm. And another buuuuuuutttt is coming now we are smelling like bad eggs again. Next cold shower. That’s hiker life. Just be happy what you get, also when it is a cold shower.



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