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Travel and life!

The one thing no one can take away from you are these amazing experience while you are travelling.

When you feel sometimes down, just smile. You are one of these lucky ones, who can travel and explore the world.
How many people can say that ?

Be happy also when you are stuck in the airport for hours, be happy if you stuck in a city or somewhere else. There is a reason why you are there. Nothing happens without purpose.

I have so many times experience it. Everything has a reason and the universe or good or however you want to call it, it don’t want you to suffer. They want, that you are happy and love this life.

You are an amazing person and everything what’s happen to you will form your personality and will show you a new perspective/way in your life.

I am stuck in an airplane at the moment and just realise again how freaking lucky I am.

When I am travelling, I am greatful of every day. I love to wake up in the morning at 5.30 because the sun say’s hello. (and nope normally I am definitely not a morning person. I hate to get up at 7 o’clock normally)
I love to sit in a Bus who is more a scary, bumpy, steel wagon. I am greatful of some bad food I get, because I know I will be appreciating the good food afterwords way more. And I am greatful of a hot shower, a cosy bed and all the people I met on my way. I know that in the end everything will be always fine.

I was travelling now for the first 3 weeks and I start again to realise that its not the big things what makes you happy, it’s the small stuff. And the best what I have experience is a small little sentence that’s sooo true:

Ask and it is given !

I have experienced it every day so far just ask, let go and wola it’s there.

A few examples are:

I was thinking one night of my horse Avalon at home and that I miss him and how he is going. 5 horse later my Dad send me the first pictures of him after 3 weeks.

Another example I can give: I was thinking of a specific book I wanted to read since around 1 year but every time I wanted to borrow it at the library it was not there anymore. So now a friend has recommended me the book again, and I was mmm maybe one time I will read it. I forgot about it and 3 days later I find these specific book in a store in Pokhara, Nepal.

Next and here last example because I can go on and on and on.
I was thinking at a bus drive it would be amazing to have a dog. The next day a street dog was following us around 2 hours long. He was going hiking with us, and we have taken some amazing photos with him….

Just let go and receive.


Trust life, it just wants the best for you.

It is an amazing world out there, and we are the lucky once to see and explore it.

Life is not meant to suffer all day long.
Life is meant to enjoy it, to be happy and greatful.

That’s life, that’s you, that’s meant to be.

Greetings out of an airplane. I just need to write that sometimes down I just must do that.

Peace, love, happiness


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