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Annapurna Circuite Day 7

Manang Acclimatisation day!
Today we can’t really get further in the Annapurna Track because of the acclimatisation. So how to use a free day as a hiker? Jep do another hike. A small group of 5 (Swedish guy and the 3 Argentinian people) are making the way to the ice lake near Manang. We need to walk back a few minutes and coming threw a monastery with horses. Than a really big climbing part starts, 1000 meters up. At the top there is only a small café where we get a hot tea and a small rest,then we walk further to the ice lake. And jep it’s a frozen lake that’s what I can say.

Frozen lake!

Not really spectacular but the few OMG! You can see the whole valley and the snowy mountains.
On the way back 1000 m down, I can really feel my legs, they are starting with hurting like hell and i get a bit scared how i will survive the next few days. I don’t have my walking sticks today with me what is a real mistake. All our faces starting already with burning and we have still a bit to go. The sun is sooo strong that my suncreen with 50+ is not working. At the village with the monastery we eat finally the chocolate cake what I have seen yesterday. I was thinking the hole last day of it, and I am sooooo happy! You cant imagen how it feels to have a real cake again and the chocolate jammi. I think nearly the best cake i have ever eaten. Ok maybe it is also because we dont have had any food the hole day and we are hikers who are loving everything what has calories and gives energy. Thats one of the best aspects of hiking eat as much as you want and can (also bad food) and you still loose weight.

Now we feel how freaking burned we are all. OMG its really bad. Back in Manang we have another apple pie with pudding and its soooo much, but sooooo good. Jep I start to enjoy the small things in life like a really good cake especially when you normally don’t get it in the other villages. In the evening than a pizza. Today is really cheating day and get your energy day back. It is starting to snow, and we are sitting inside with a perfect few over the mountains and a fire in the back.

A perfect “resting” day !




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