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Working for a dream or working for money

Have you ever asked yourself why am I going to work?

Are you going to work because you love your job or are you going to work because you want the money at the end of the month?

In my life I have experienced both so far. I need to say that 90% in my last job I have not worked for the projects or the dreams who are staying behind creating houses. I was just doing it because it was my job to do it. My colleges have been really nice and the money was ok. I was feeling ok with what I am doing but I was looking that my over hours getting paid or that I get them free.

In total, I can say I was happy and I was mostly happy when the right amount of money was in my bank account.

In Iceland this is a different story. I am working here because I love my work. I love to show the people the landscape and I love the horse riding. Over hours no problems I love to do it.

We also have had an intern here, she has been a really, really nice girl but when she should work. OMG. She was slow, unconcentrated, not finishing her work …. I could go on and on. I was literally getting angry of her that she was not glad to have this opportunity to be in Iceland, a different country and such an amazing experience. I was expecting from her to be as much in love with the job as I am. Off course I never should expect something like that from her because she has maybe not the passion for the job like I am.

Thanks to her, I have realized what it means to work for money or for a dream.

If you have Workers in your company who are staying behind your company idea and have the feeling that they are from a value for you, than they give everything. They don’t care about over hours or bad pay. They are happy to go to work and just can do this. They love what they are doing. If you only have these people in your company, your company will be going through the roof.

These people who are coming to work for the pay check (I was that too) they make life quite hard for the others. I know it because I have done the same and this without knowing it. I was not asking after extra work, after new projects or if I can do something more also when I need to stay longer. I was the type I do my work, look that I have always 1-2 projects and maybe 1-2 over hours per day because than I can leave on Fridays earlier. Do I have loved my job I would say now no but the job was good I wasn’t hating it and I can say that I was a good worker. Not with passion but a good one.

In a company especially when it is a bigger company you will always find both and that is also really good the passionated people need to get sometimes stopped and the normal workers needs to get a push from the passionated one.

What I have learned about it that there are 2 things in the working life you have.

1. Have passion for your job because than it doesn’t feel like work. Do you know the feeling of the next holiday, the jumping around and I can’t wait feeling? You start to read everything you get and still it’s not enough. That’s how you should feel in your job. (You don’t need to feel it always but 90 % of the time)

2. Don’t believe that everyone will have the same passion as you. Sometimes you first realise that you are the person without the passion when you leave.

I have also learned that passion means for everyone something different.

Yes I know that everyone need to make money but we should look that we have fun working and yes that we can pay everything.

I hope you can understand a little what I want to show with this article. I really don’t know if I have found the right words for that but for me it was just important to show how different people are going into a job. I really can understand both sides because I have been on both and luckily I know now what it feels to have really fun at my job.

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