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worldwomen day – because your living.

My first Blog article and I am sooo excited.

I wanted to start a few month ago but the normal life was coming through it and just got me every time different things to do. But today it’s the perfect day for it. I have got a red rose at the main station and was reminded that today is Worldwomensday. What a nice gift from a complete stranger. That makes my heart jump and it shows that the world is a beautiful place.

So why not say it’s a sign and I should start right away with my blog.

So let’s start.

Its Worldwomensday and hey every woman (today I say woman but it could be every person on planet) is struggling, have problems but still giving their best to survive and life the life to the fullest.

Be proud of who you are. Be proud what you are and be proud what you have created in your life. If you look back and you don’t like it than today is the day to start with the change. Don’t wait. If you look back and you like what you have created go further life your dream life to the fullest and be pleased who else is there.

Be great full of all the small and big things in your life. From the food in the fridge to the horse in the backyard. Whatever you have got be great full. Every day it’s a day to start new. Don’t define yourself of a bad or hurtful past just start your own life take responsibility for it and start new.

Women can archive everything they want. We have archived to vote, to go working and life our own life’s. We can go in any profession we want, and we have also archived to go in politics to change the world.

So women fight for your goals to make the world a better place today. Today is a day to look back, to appreciate the moment and to look at the future. It’s your day.

You are beautiful, you are strong, you are a perfect woman in any way.

Happy Womensday, you are amazing keep going!!!

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Stephanie Weiss is a Germany Travel Blogger, Architect, Photographer, Explorer and free Spirit.

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  1. A positive beginning is reflected in your words here 🙂
    It was really refreshing to read it.
    Looking forward to read more, keep writing
    Thanks for sharing this


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