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It is not enough!

In other words comparing!

It is the feeling that you are never good enough and never will be good enough because there will be always someone who is better. I have had resent these feeling. I am currently traveling and everyone was saying to me: “you have the best life ever!”, “I would wish I could do that too!”….

But in these one moment I was not like yeah that’s true, I really rock my life. I was more like hey dudes, why are you thinking that this is something special what I am doing? There are other people out there, they are having a carrier and traveling. They have travel blogs, YouTube channels and make a bunch of money with it.

The travel was not enough anymore for me. I wanted to have more!

Do you not also have sometimes these feeling?

Someone has a better body like you, more money, a better job, a better family or boyfriend / girlfriend? You try to catch up with these people but here comes the hard truth.

There is always someone who is better!

Not only you are looking and comparing with other people, the others are doing that as well. There are also some people outside who are comparing them to you. Maybe you can do something better than they. Maybe you are more creative, more active or just more yourself.

Stop with these whole comparing.

We are all enough in our own way!

I was looking after this moment threw my fotos, and I was happy. I have realized that I am already the person I wanted to be all the time. This person who I was dreaming of in my study time.

I am adventures, I travel the world, I have a good job, I am sporty and I have amazing friends.

But also for me that was not enough. I wanted to be more. More carrier, more beautiful, more like these people who I was seeing on Instagram. But this is fake. Fake pictures.

I am happy what I have, that doesn’t mean that I am not dreaming of more. I will always dream of more things and ideas but I don’t want to compare myself anymore to others. Will that happen again? Hell yes ! I am just a human being and not a superhero.

I will feel bad and I will eat my chocolate cake when I feel like shit. But afterword’s, I will get up again. Is it easy to stop comparing? No it isn’t. It is hard work. First step for me was looking over my friends and people who I call my friends. These are people who just using me for their purpose and I have enough from it. I love to help but there is a small line between helping and using someone. Some people have gotten over it and there are a few things I can /will do. Tell them that it can’t go on like that or quiet and throw them out of my life. I don’t change for other people, so they like me. Neither for friends nor for boyfriends. They must take me as I am. When they can’t handle me like who I am, then here is the door! Then making the next step to fulfill my dream life. Yes my dreams are wild and don’t can be compared with an office queen in high heels. Especially I think after that long travel I would straight fall down in these shoes. But I want to come further in my life, so I need to work for it. I want to come further under my conditions. I don’t want to be this person who try to fit inside of the mainstream.


Whatever I am dreaming of, I need to start!


Then the biggest thing comparing on Instagram and Facebook. Quit it! You don’t need to cancel it but don’t look every few min on it. Someday when I have travel days and sit 5 hours in a bus than yes I look ever 30 min on my phone, checking if I have some more massages because I am bored. On the other side I feel every time a bit worse than before because I see friends who are starting to buy a house, getting children and getting a better job. But hey I travel the world, I see cultures they can’t see because they are stuck in an office. I have the power over my own time and that’s more worth than everything else. I have learned that a job doesn’t must feel like a job. It can make fun and you want to go to the job because that’s what you love.

And the best thing off all is, WE are all enough! Everyone in their own way is enough! We are all trying to do our best in life. We must realize what is our own, special way in life.


You are beautiful,

You are amazing,

You are special,

You are loved,

You are enough!


  1. whitehair50 says

    it’s a great blog on beeing the best or the feelings when not beeing the best. But everybody should intent to be unique, should focus on good performances in multiple activities like swimming, music, communication, selling and should be well accepted as unique in his special set of capabilities where value can be provided to others.


  2. whitehair50 says

    very good blog on the subject of beeing the best. May be a comparison between beeing unique, beeing best and beeing universal would be of interest


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